The DSCH Journal team

Editor – Alan Mercer

Of British origin and now based in Paris, France, Alan founded the DSCH Society and 21-edition Newsletter in 1987, with the support of the composer’s widow, Irina Antonovna Shostakovich. He later launched the current DSCH Journal in 1994.

Events and activities under his editorship have included international conferences, recitals, exhibitions and of course the many features, articles and interviews that contribute to the six-monthly, worldwide publication.

Profession: international media consultant.


Assistant Editor – Andrew Schartmann

Based in New Haven, USA, Andrew is a music theorist with a special interest in the life and works of Dmitri Shostakovich. He joined the DSCH Journal in 2013 as part of a modernization effort.

In addition to his general editorial responsibilities, Andrew focuses on bringing new and exciting musicological research to the “Writing About” section. In 2014, he spearheaded the “Spotlight on the Music” section, which provides detailed analyses of short musical excerpts.

Profession: classical music scholar, teacher, author.


Subscriptions Secretary – Bryan Rowell

Bryan Rowell
Based in Georgia, USA, Bryan is a semi-professional musician and long-time Shostakovich enthusiast.

Responsibilities include managing subscriptions and advertising, managing Facebook content, and contributing as a writer and researcher for the publication.

Profession: engineer.



Reviews Editor – John Riley

Based in London, UK, John has been a contributor to the DSCH Journal from its inception. Overall responsibility for the shortlisting of reviews of new releases on CD, DVD, book or film; assignment attribution from a pool of reviewers and overall editorial responsibility for the reviews sections of the print and on-line editions of the DSCH Journal.  

Profession: freelance writer, lecturer, curator and broadcaster specialising on film, music and Russian and Soviet culture. 


Layout Editor – Julian Ward

Based in New Haven, USA, Julian has been instrumental in revitalising the DSCH Journal with a sleek modern design.

His responsibilities include layout, design, and small amounts of copy editing.

Profession: programme coordinator at Yale University.




Webmaster – Egbert Baars

egbertBased in Hoorn, The Netherlands, Egbert has been involved with managing content on the DSCH Journal website since 2010.

He is also involved in public relations on behalf of the publication and is a longstanding music (Shostakovich) fan.

Profession: strategic policy advisor.