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message with which this book leaves me - one of rousing inexhaustibility. Nigel Papworth Top / Dmitri Shostakovich - Pianist Sofia Moshevich McGill-Queen's University Press (Montreal & Kingston, London, Ithaca) ISBN: 0-7735-2581-5, 222 pages I quote: 'Dmitri Shostakovich was not only a great composer of the twentieth century but also an outstanding Russian pianist, one of the best

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LP—French Columbia FCX 771—was reissued in Russia as Melodiya 33D 034479-80. 15. For a detailed analysis, see Sofia Moshevich, “Russian Revelation a Forgery: Who is Really Playing Shostakovich’s F minor Prelude and Fugue?” DSCH Journal 12 (2000), pp. 66-69. 16. On Prelude and Fugue no. 17 in A-flat major, see Raymond Clarke, in DSCH

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Time and Narrative in the Fifteenth Quartet       Richard Burke IV.  ASPECTS OF SHOSTAKOVICH 17. Shostakovich and the Cinema      John Riley 18. Shostakovich the Pianist       Sofia Moshevich 19. The Shostakovich Legacy       Louis Blois As trailed in the DSCH Journal No. 29, a closer look at Michael Mishra’s A Shostakovich Companion, which appeared in the summer  of 2008, a handful of months before Cambridge University Press’ own

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Siege of Leningrad Nikolay Myaskovsky: The Conscience of Russian Music / Shostakovich’s Music for Piano Solo Interpretation and Performance By Sofia Moshevich Indiana University Press (2015) 248 pp. Hardback: $55.00 E-book: $54.99 Sofia Moshevich’s ambitious new book aims “to provide a practical resource for those who perform, teach, or study Shostakovich’s solo piano compositions” (p. 3). To this end, she gives historical

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audible throughout, contribute to the documentary aura of these discs. This set is a treasure for any collector. Sofia Moshevich Top / Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, opus 29. Mstislav Rostropovich, London Philharmonic Orchestra, John McCarthy (chorus master), Ambrosian Opera Chorus, Galina Vishnevskaya (Katerina Ismailova), Nicolai Gedda (Sergey), Dimiter Petkov (Boris Ismailov), Werner Krenn (Zinovy Ismailov), Robert

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performances on the disc, and contribute to making it a good buy overall, especially at the budget price. Sofia Moshevich Top / / / / / / Twenty-four Preludes, opus 34, arranged for violin and piano by Alexander Blok (Nos. 4, 7, 9, 14 and 23)[a] and Dmitri Tsyganov (all others);

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comes with the added bonus of enlightening programme notes from DSCH Journal contributor Louis Blois. As reported by Sofia Moshevich in Dmitri Shostakovich: Pianist, Shostakovich considered his Second Piano Sonata to be his finest work for the instrument. Written while the composer was in evacuation in Kuibyshev in 1943, it can perhaps be heard as

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Third Edition   Hulme, Derek C. 02 Winter 2 1994 Remembering Shostakovich 1/2 - Early Days REMEMBERING SHOSTAKOVICH Moyseevich Gershov, Solomon 02 Winter 4 1994 Tempo in DS's Performances of his own works   Moshevich, Sofia 02 Winter 8 1994 Shostakovich. A life Remembered - Elizabeth Wilson BOOK REVIEW MacDonald, Ian 02 Winter 21 1994 Three New Books by Sofia Khentova     02 Winter 26 1994 A Little Bit of Shostakovichian Cinematic Pre-History   Riley, John 02 Winter 27 1994 Interpretations on Record Symphony No. 4   Brooker, Graham 02 Winter 33 1994 Winter 44/45 50 YEARS AGO Mercer, Alan 02 Winter 41 1994 Report on the Shostakovich Archive,

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one of the best and most authentic performances of this work I've heard. Don't miss this remarkable issue! Sofia Moshevich Top / Shostakovich String Quartets 1-13 Disc 1: String Quartets No. 1 in C major, opus 49[a]; No. 3 in F major, opus 73[a]; No. 12 in Db major, opus 133[b] Disc 2: String Quartets No. 4

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Scriabin's rich counterpoint. This is a strong, intellectual performance. Overall, this is a fantastic disc, not to be missed. Sofia Moshevich Top / / Chamber Symphonies Chamber Symphony, arrangement of String Quartet No. 8 in C minor by Rudolf Barshai, opus 110a; Georgy Sviridov: Chamber Symphony, opus 14[a]; Weinberg [listed as Vainberg]: Chamber Symphony No. 1